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دكتور شوقر شيتز ذا براز 30مل 45ملجم

دكتور شوقر شيتز ذا براز 30مل 45ملجم
نفذت الكمية

Frame Measurements

55 - 17 - 142 Lens Width

This is the horizontal width (in millimeters) of each lens.

55 - 17 - 142 Bridge Width

This is the distance (in millimeters) between your two lenses.

55 - 17 - 142 Temple Length

This is the length (in millimeters) from each screw to its temple tip.

Our frame sizes

GlassesShop offers 3 different frame sizes (S, M, L). So choosing the right one is key to making sure your new glasses correctly fit your face.

SizeFrame Width(mm)   
M130mm - 140mm

We suggest you measure your frame dimensions to ensure you've got the best fit for your face.

دكتور شوقر شيتز ذا براز 30مل 45ملجم
مواعيد التوصيل كل يوم شفت من الساعه ٤ ونص العصر و الشفت الثاني من ٩ مساء
86.25 ر.س
السعر بدون ضريبة : 75.00 ر.س
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